The MULDROW Newsletter page 2 : Volume 2, Number 8 : August 2000

The Cannon Family Bible

from North Carolina & South Carolina Bible Records R929.3756 A936N 1987:
          WILLIAM H. CANNON of Darlington

William H. Cannon to Sarah Ann McTyer 5/13/1804 by Rev. James Coleman
Joseph A. Jolly to Susanna W. Cannon 7/15/1823
William H. Cannon to Ann Sanders, widow of Jordan Sanders, 6/26/1825 
    by Rev. Rob Campbell
Simon C. Muldrow to Louisa A. Cannon 11/1826
Charles B. Howard to Amelia M. Cannon 8/1828
Simon Connett to Mary Cannon, dau. of Henry Cannon, 10/10/1805
Hugh E. Cannon to Ann Muldrow 10/5/1809
James Brown to Susanna M. Cannon 3/17/1819
John J. Cannon to Ann Shova Pawley 1/1821

   Births of Children of William H. and S.A. Cannon
Mary Ervin Cannon 9/10/1805         Son 12/23/1815, lived 9 days
Susanna Williams Cannon 6/26/1807   Sarah Ann Cannon 1/18/1817
Louisa Adaline Cannon 1/3/1809      Elizabeth Jane Cannon 2/10/1819
Amelia Melvina Cannon 8/4/1810      Robert Rasha Cannon 6/12/1822
William Henry Cannon 7/28/1812

John Julius Cannon, son of John Julius and Ann S. Cannon, 1/22/1823

William H. Cannon, Sr. 4/25/1783-12/2/1843
Sarah Ann Cannon, wife of William H. Cannon, 12/28/1787-9/23/1824

Children of Henry and Mary Cannon:

William H. Cannon 4/25/1783
Samuel Cannon 8/23/1784-8/9/1793
Susanna Wilson Cannon 3/26/1786-8/14/1793
Hugh E. Cannon 9/4/1787
George James Cannon 2/6/1789-8/23/1793
Elizabeth Cannon 6/30/1790-6/20/1791
Mary Cannon 11/26/1791
Sarah Cannon 10/5/1793-11/2/1793
Robert Augustus Cannon 2/17/1795-1/23/1798
John Julius Cannon 10/19/1796-9/15/1822

Children of Henry Cannon and Susanna Cherry, wid. of George Cherry.
They m. 8/14/1798 by Rev. E. Pugh:

Susanna Monselle Cannon 1/16/1800
Augustus Devan Cannon 12/31/1801 - -/20/1817

Deaths of Children of William H. and Sarah Ann Cannon
Mary Ervin Cannon  10/27/1820    John J. Cannon 9/15/1822
Sarah Ann Cannon 1/23/1823       Augustus D. Cannon 10/20/1817

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