The MULDROW Newsletter page 5 : Volume 1, Number 6 : June 1999

Geography -- William H. Cannon's Will

The whole pack of families, Muldrows, Cannons, Gees, Ervins, Cusacks, etc. were all living near Black Creek, Darlington District, South Carolina. Sometimes researching a different family yields more information about the Muldrow family. Carroll Deschaines is our map expert -- sometime I hope to have him make us a set of old/newer/newest overlay maps showing the orginal family lands as superimposed onto modern day Darlington. At any rate, here is some geographical information.

William H. Cannon's Will Excerpt (Nov. 1842) : page 29

from the Darlington Wills book 2 p.37 onward
Note: William H. Cannon's daughter Louisa married Simon Connell Muldrow son of John the Younger

" lieu therof I do give & devise to the said Martha A. Warr for life a tract of land described as follows. Towit a part of a tract of land conveyed to me by George H. Pawley by his deed dated the tenth day of June A.D. 1843. the part thereof hereby divised being about one hundred & fifty acres. embraced within lines as follows, a line beginning at a large pine corner 3x0m. being corner of george Cusacks & Misses Coopers lands thence along George Cusacks line. until it strikes Pie hole branch, thence down said branch on said Cusacks land to a pine corner 3xn.m. on Geo. H. Pawleys land. thence on a line newly made on Geo. H. Pawleys land running northwardly to a pine corner 3xn in a large pine flat, thence on a line newly made on Geo. H. Pawleys land a course varying a little from the last Eastward to a stake corner 3xn per pine, in deaded ground, thence on a line not new marked North West 45 degrees until it strikes this line which seperated the land of W.H. Cannon senior & Geo. H. Pawley before the Execution of the deed of Geo. H. Pawley aforesaid Towit a road called the old Muldrow Road thence along said road to the beginning corner bounded as follows So. west & So. by George Cusacks land & Pie Branch Eastward by Geo. H. Pawleys land S.E. by W.H. Cannons Land Towit part of the land conveyed by Geo. H. Pawley as aforesaid. N & N.W. by said old Muldrow Road which separates it from W.H. Cannons seniors Jacob Parrots & the Misses Coopers land. "

Still Chasing Hal Eustace...

Mont Muldrow (John1, John2, Simon3, Robert4, Henry Lowndes (Hal)5, Al6, Mont7 -- a.k.a. my husband's Uncle Mont!) brought forth the following recollection:

"Sometime during the late 60's my Dad [Al] received a long phone call from Major Hal Eustace who I beleive at the time was stationed at the Pentagon. Shortly thereafter Dad received a letter with a long scroll of butcher paper showing the Major's research on his family tree. One branch went back to Dad's grandfather, Col. Robert Muldrow of Mississippi.
    I have no idea what might have happened to the scroll. I have looked for it many times but I suspect Dad passed it on to his brother, Fisher, who was the family patriarch and historian of that generation."

                                              --Mont Muldrow

So now we have some idea of what Hal might have passed along to various family members... Sybil may have a lead on the Coursar branch of the family, perhaps they also received such a scroll?

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